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How can Neat Image help me shoot?

Neat Image allows you to produce more usable, high-quality images with your current digital photo gear. Whatever cameras you own, Neat Image improves your shots as though you upgraded your equipment. How? Neat Image reduces the visible “grain” — the multicolored specks of electronic noise — in your pictures — so they aren't noticeable. Without sacrificing image details or quality.

Image noise affects every camera

Whether you're an amateur with a point-and-shoot camera, or a professional photographer whose shooting demands the most advanced, expensive equipment — you'll always run into image noise challenges.

If you use a consumer grade camera or a cellphone camera, even moderately high ISO settings of 400 will produce noise in your images. The conditions don't have to be very challenging at all to create noise. Shots taken with point-and-shoots under indoor room lighting can show this noise. Your camera may not indicate the ISO setting that it used, and you'll probably have very little control over the ISO anyway.

A premium camera, on the other hand, may create noise-free images under those conditions. But the challenging shooting situations that made you choose your high end camera will create their own image noise issues. High ISO settings, such as 3200 or more, to take action shots, or to take pictures in very low light, will produce significant noise.

How Neat Image helps you

Neat Image is made for experts and enthusiasts — like you — who demand a tool that gives them complete control over noise in their images.

When you have Neat Image in your toolbox, your picture taking options expand. You'll produce more publishable, high quality images in a wider variety of available light situations. This means more production and higher profits for the pro photographer. Clearer memories for the advanced amateur. And for every type of photographer, more usable images you can be proud of.

Neat Image post processing supports the challenging photography situations that you encounter in real life. High ISO settings, fast shutter speeds, and very long exposures will all produce better images with far less image noise when you use Neat Image.

Try Neat Image now

Try out Neat Image on your problem images now. Download the free Neat Image demo and see how great all of your photography can be.

Want to find out more? Read this overview of how Neat Image works and check out what specific situations it could help you with.