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Independent reviews and feedback from Neat Image users

What people say about Neat Image

  • "I've done this many years working in photography and I want to hereby express my thanks to this successful software Neat Image Pro. The excellent denoising method is simply outstanding and allows you to work even in areas of high ISO without appreciable losses at the expense of image quality. With the best regards from Switzerland, and great praise to the developers!"
  • "... by the way, I think the Neat Image software is great. Easy to use and very effective."
  • "This is a fantastic piece of software. I wouldn't be without it after trying it. Thanks."
  • "I have to say that the documentation is very complete, and very clear, which is a pleasure, and hardly the norm!"
  • "It is as good as advertised."
  • "extremely useful"
  • "I was also mulling an upgrade to the D60 from my E-10. But after happening along a software program called "Neat Image" I have decided to stick with the E-10. (And save myself thousands of dollars)... So far I have been getting D60(ish) results from my E10 by using Neat Image."
  • "... IMHO nothing offers the flexibility of neat image or the ability to customize it to your camera..."
  • "I also have been very impressed with Neat Image... it has really helped with ISO 400 pics from the Oly 4040."
  • "I downloaded Neat Image, took some photos with my Kodak DC4800 at ISO400 and tried Neat Image on it. I'm so impressed, all of the noise is gone. It's amazing."
  • "If you examine Neat Image closely, it's possible to get nearly noise-free images."
  • "...once one figures out how NI works, very good results can be achieved quite quickly. The tweaking stage becomes quite straightforward and quick enough to do."
  • "What's amazing about it is that you can really tweak it to your hearts content as it is a very powerful tool. I've used it on my DC4800 images and was amazed!"

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How Neat Image is used in practice