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Best noise reduction
for digital cameras and scanners


Upload device noise profiles

Please feel free to submit your sets of device noise profiles to the profile library using the form below.

If (1) your profile set is for a camera or scanner that is not yet listed in the library or it is an improved (e.g., more complete or higher-quality) version of an already published profile set and (2) the profile set has been built, structured and documented according to the recommendations of the user guide, then it is very much likely that we will publish the set in the profile library and you will receive a free license for one of the versions of Neat Image as a reward for your efforts.

The most important requirements are:

  1. Noise profiles must be built using a suitable area of an image (strongest noise without visible details).
  2. Reusable noise profiles should be built using calibration target images rather than regular images.
  3. Device noise profiles should be appropriately named and structured using one of the two methods:
    • Include all the important information from image metadata into the file names and put all files in one folder
    • Create subfolders for certain camera modes and keep the names of the profiles short (so that all required metadata information can be obtained from the relative path of a profile and its name)
  4. A description of the profile set must be written which includes:
    • Author of the profile set and profiling date
    • Device name, firmware version
    • Device mode parameters that change within the profile set
    • Device mode parameters that are constant for all profiles in the set
    • Post-processing applied (after receiving image from imaging device and before Neat Image)
  5. All profiles must be packed in a single archive before submitting it to the profile library.
  6. The description of the profile set must be packed along with the profiles or provided separately in the form below.
Upload noise profiles