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Best noise reduction
for digital cameras and scanners

Neat Image 9. Improved from top to bottom

For years Neat Image has been ranked as the number one software that helps photographers to remove noise from images. Time never stops and so does Neat team constantly working on different ways of improving Neat Image and Neat Video to make the denoisers even better.

Neat Image 9 is the upgrade that gets the denoiser improved in all dimensions. Denoising, speed, compatibility, hardware support, ease of use and other aspects have been worked through to get your images to look better with ease. Working holistically on all of Neat Image tools has ensured every image can be at its best after applying new Neat Image.

Better denoising results

As noise profiling is the key to great noise reduction, the existing profiling tools have been improved and new ones joined in the pack. Now you can adjust noise characteristics with a precision that has never been available before. Profile Check mode will help you and the filter to distinguish between noise and details and, as a result, accurately remove all of the unwanted noise.

Noise profile is always going to make or break the noise reduction result, but what can one do when there is no large uniform area present in a picture and another shot can’t be used for noise analysis? The new adjustable Generic Profile will be able to save the day then. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a lot of noise reduction power in it.

New controls in Neat Image’s Sharpening tool are also going to work hard to help you to emphasize every important detail that’s too dear to be lost. You will get the extra option to refine sharpening settings and get that extra kick in bringing even more juice into the picture. Large resolution photos will get the lift they need to express every pixel they have.

Greater speed

As compared with the previous major version, Neat Image 9 shows a speed increase in both CPU and GPU-based processing. CPU-only mode is now performing up to 50% faster, GPU acceleration has more modest, but nevertheless welcomed 10% speed increase.

Mac users will be even more pleased with the performance of Neat Image 9 as this is the first version that natively supports M1 Apple Silicon. That includes all current models:  M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max. This native support ensures the best possible speed when working on your new computer. Importantly, M1 chips are supported both in CPU and GPU modes, which makes processing even faster.

Easier to use

Variants of Filtration is a feature that has set the stage for new and easier ways of cleaning up your photos. Now this tool will help you not only to adjust filter settings to perfection, but also work on noise profiles. You can create up to four different variants and tweak them separately, together, halfway together and then separately again, or any way you want. Just choose the one your eyes love the most.

To make the learning curve easier we have introduced illustrations and comments in the Profile Check to and Filter Tuning Assist tools. These illustrations will tell you what to aim for while using those two special tuning modes.

Those who are just starting to use Neat Image or someone who is too busy for tuning the filter will benefit from our pre-built filter presets. They will give you great results in no time. The beauty of these presets is they don’t stop you from playing and adjusting the denoiser. You are free to choose any path you want to.

More changes

Of course, there is much more to Neat Image 9. For a better denoising experience, UI has become more intuitive and interactive. Preview performance has been optimized. Even the installer has been reworked!

For the full list of new and updated features of Neat Image 9 please head to the history of changes:

As part of the journey towards better and faster Neat Image, some sacrifices had to be made. Not all hardware and software can continue to be supported. We had to say goodbye to CUDA and NVIDIA on Macs as well as to some older versions of macOS (10.13.5 and earlier). Also support for 32-bit executables has been discontinued on Windows and Linux.

To see the full list of the changes introduced with Neat Image 9, please check the full History of changes.

The next step toward perfect pictures! Try Neat Image 9

The news sounds great, doesn’t it? What about a real challenge? Try Neat Image 9 demo for free! Take a terribly noisy photo and save it using Neat Image in only a few simple and quick steps.

Upgrading from older versions

Users of Neat Image v8 can upgrade to Neat Image 9 with a massive 70% discount. Those who got into Neat Image family prior to Neat Image 8 can get Neat Image 9 for 50% of a new license.

Details of the special upgrade offers for registered users are available on your Special Offers page. Take advantage of the exclusive upgrade prices for loyal Neat Image users.